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At The Woodlands Dumpster we make dumpster rental simple, cost-effective and convenient.

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Telephone Support – We care about our customers and strive to make your experience with us the best ever. We are available 24/7 for any questions and problems you may have.

Flexible Rental Periods – We offer standard rental periods of 2 days and 7 days, with service available 7 days a week.

Great Low Prices - Competitive pricing on all dumpster trailer rentals. No hidden surcharges of any kind!

Perfect Size For Your Project – Bigger than a Dumpster Bag, More affordable than a roll of a dumpster. 

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Locally Operated In The Woodlands, TX

Brian, the owner of The Woodlands Dumpster Rental, and his family.

Hi, my name is Brian. Thirty years ago, my wife and I moved our three young sons to this area, and we never looked back. We love this community, the food, the people, and the East Texas beauty. We have lived and worked in this area for more than 30 years. 


What I love most about owning my own business is the opportunity to help people, provide a service or solution that they believe meets their needs, and the ability to make a difference in this community. 


After years of annual spring clean-outs and landscaping work around our home, we have always been puzzled with how to get rid of stuff, in five disposal locations or less. The available solutions were too small and missed the mark, so large that folks paid for more than they need, or so heavy that there was a risk for driveway and property damage.


We started The Woodlands Dumpster Rental because our clients need an easy way to dispose of home and yard waste that protects driveways from damage and meets our client's specific needs. Our dumpster on wheels provides a quick in and out. Except for four tires and a small piece of wood, we never touch your driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Dump Trailers

​Will your dump trailers damage my driveway?

Nope! That's why we use dump trailers, only the four wheels and a piece of wood will be in contact with your driveway.

Will your dumpster trailer fit in my driveway?

Our Dumpster Trailers are 15 & 18 yard dumpster trailers that fit in most every driveway in The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, Shenandoah Neighborhoods.

What size is your dump trailer?

It is a dumpster on wheels that is designed to fit in your driveway without blocking the entirety of your driveway and prevent any damage to the driveway.

Do you have a minimum rental period?

Yep, it’s 2-days. But, if you need it for less time we can work with you! In fact most dumpster rental companies have a 7 day minimum and you pay for it no matter what! We thought that was crazy. Most projects happen over a long weekend and that’s why our minimum rental is 48 hours.

What is included in the rental price?

We do not have hidden fees. Many times dumpster rental companies will charge trip charges, dump fees, etc. Our cost includes pick up, drop off, and dump fees.


Do your dump trailers have a weight limit?

Yep! It is a 4 Ton Maximum (8,000 lbs). The average load size for a residential customer is between 700-1400 lbs.

Are there items The Woodlands Dumpster Rental won’t haul off?

We do not haul off hazardous materials / Chemicals, Paint, Dirt, or Concrete. Generally those items have to be disposed of at separate facilities. We are happy to point you to the closest facilities to dispose of those materials yourself.

What is a dump trailer?

A dumpster trailer is a dumpster on wheels!  Crazy, right? We found that your traditional dumpsters (roll off dumpsters) are too large for most Suburban Driveways and oftentimes they damage the driveways beyond repair. Additionally, a roll off dumpster in The Woodlands Township has to have a permit, but a Dumpster Trailer parked in your driveway does not!

What areas do you serve?

We serve the entire North Houston Area including The Woodlands, Creekside, Magnolia, Tomball, Conroe, Egypt, Cypress, Spring, Vintage Park. Some of the zip codes we work in -  77382, 77381, 77380, 77386, 77384, 77385, 77389, 77388, 77365, 77073, 77303, 77302, 77304, 77391, 77393, 77379, 77353, 77354, 77355,

Can we move the dumpster trailer?

Unfortunately no, after our team has parked the trailer it can’t be moved until pick up. We put a lock on the trailer for security purposes as well.

We are so passionate about serving our customers by providing an exceptional experience! We want to protect your driveway, offer a fair rate, and make this process as simple as possible. If you want to reserve our trailer please click one of the two options below.

We offer strategic rates and flexible rental periods for our contractors. Please reach out to us with your project and we can set up a contractor rate for your specific needs. If you would like to book a commercial rental, please click below and tell us about your project.