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DIY Junk Removal vs Junk Removal Services

We often get asked if it is more effective to use a Junk Removal Service or to dispose of junk on your own. We think there is a place for both!

It’s happened to all of us. We work on a project over the weekend, remodel the master bathroom, overhaul our landscaping and, inevitably, we end up with a HUGE pile of junk. It’s usually too much to fit in the back of a truck, and it’s always difficult to find a single, convenient place to get rid of that junk.

So, you’re left with two options. You can either hire a junk removal service to come out and load it all up and haul it off or rent a dumpster or a dumpster bag that you load up yourself.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of both options.

Option 1 - Junk Removal Services

There is certainly a time and place for junk removal services. We find that junk removal services are most effective when you have several other logistical details in play at the same time. For example, you’re moving houses and your left with one last, small pile of junk. A junk removal service can save you some serious time and headache!

Pros of Junk Removal Services:

  • Speed - Crews are in and out usually within one hour.

  • Ease - You don’t have to source your own dump location.

  • No Equipment - You don’t have to source your own equipment to haul the junk off.

Cons of Junk Removal Services:

  • Very expensive -Typically, these companies charge by the hour and have many associated fees - dump fees (by weight), hourly rate, trip charges, fuel charges, etc.

  • Scheduling Windows can be Tricky - Junk Removal Services, like cable companies, will give you a window of when they will arrive. It can be hard to plan around them.

  • Difficult to know the True Cost prior to agreeing to the Service - because of the many additional fees to junk removal services, it's difficult for these companies to guarantee a price before they arrive. This can leave customers with a surprise bill after the services have been complete!

  • Strangers in your Home - This seems to be the biggest downside of a junk removal service. Strangers are in your and because of the size of the crew you can’t always monitor where they are going and what they are doing.

Option 2 - DIY Junk Removal

Now let’s talk about DIY junk removal using a roll off dumpster, dumpster bag, or dumpster on wheels. The hardest part about DIY junk removal is knowing which container is right for your project. In our experience, 95% of our customers need a container that ranges between 12-15 yards. DIY junk removal is a great option for most residential customers who already have the junk in one place, or are working on a project themselves.

Pros to DIY Junk Removal:

  • Most Cost Effective - a Dumspter On Wheels, like the one The Woodlands Dumpster Rental, offers is $23.00 / yard for a weekend rental, with no hidden fees. This is by far the most cost effective junk removal solution.

  • You Choose your Delivery time - Because of our Drop & Go method, you can pick the time that's most convenient for you to receive your Dumpster on Wheels!

  • You don’t have to find your own dump location - We drop off the trailer, you fill it up, and we haul it off! The Woodlands Dumpster Rental has contractor rates with the dump locations all around North Houston. You don’t have to spend time finding landfill locations based on your type of junk.

  • No Strangers - We have a no stranger on your property policy. We have a small, dedicated crew of operators that will drop & pick up our dumpster on your property. We will send you the contact information of your operator in advance for your comfort and security!

Cons to DIY Junk Removal:

  • The only con to DIY Junk Removal is you’re responsible for loading the container yourself. Typically our residential customers are okay with this because they already have the junk in one place or they are working on a home improvement project themselves.

Here at The Woodlands Dumpster Rental we are passionate about getting rid of the junk that’s been sitting in your garage or in your house as quickly & cost effective as possible.

Give us a ring today and so we can help with your next Junk Removal Project!

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