Dumpster Rental and Its Advantages for Corporate Businesses


Waste is a huge factor in our daily lives. In the U.S., 236 million tons of municipal solid waste are produced every year. Industrial waste production is estimated at 7.6 billion tons. Retail stores generate waste at 2.65 tons per employee and 0.6 tons for every square meter of floor space, while 11 billion to 16.5 billion tons of waste are attributed to the food industry, like restaurants and food trucks.

No matter what form of business you are running, you must practice informed and proper waste management. Your staff and customers will benefit from the organized way you dispose of your trash and appreciate the overall cleanliness of their surroundings.

To achieve proper waste management and disposal, you will need to follow a systematic and efficient method. This is where the use of dumpster rentals comes in.

What Are Dumpster Rentals?

Quick info dump: a dumpster is a large metal trash container, usually rectangular, and it comes in different sizes. You choose the size that best fits your project or business—one that is big enough to accommodate your daily or weekly trash production and can also fit on your lot.

Dumpster rentals are a great investment for your establishment because they keep your trash contained. Your dumpster rental company will take care of the additional steps (like trash disposal, taking it to a dump site, or recycling) to ensure that your trash is disposed of properly and in accordance with local or state laws.

You can avail of a dumpster rental unit from your local dumpster providers. There are a lot of companies and services (The Woodlands Dumpster Rental is one in the Houston area) to choose from that offer waste management services in the U.S. Be sure to do your research, ask for quotes, and prepare your area before you rent a dumpster unit.

Advantages of Dumpster Rentals to Corporations

Waste management is a systematic and efficient process, but it can be tough if you are not prepared or well-equipped. Therefore, there are many advantages of dumpster rentals for various businesses.

Following are a few advantages of dumpster rentals:

Maintains Cleanliness in the Workplace

Cleanliness in the workplace is of the essence to provide a safe and productive place for your employees to work. Maintaining cleanliness promotes good hygiene and discipline among your staff. This, in turn, reflects on their mood, the quality of their work, and their overall performance.

Hygiene is important in running a business since you want everything to go smoothly. You must keep your staff and customers safe from the spread of disease or the reproduction of pests. So, a dumpster rental unit is essential to maintaining cleanliness. This prevents the pileup of trash, debris, and other unnecessary waste in your establishment.

Waste from renovating, daily work production, or food can all be managed well and responsibly with a dumpster rental unit within your premises.

Ensures Your Compliance with Local or State Laws

It will benefit you to know that there are laws that govern waste management and disposal, as well as the use of dumpsters. Whether they be local or state laws or your own chosen dumpster rental company’s rules and regulations, you must be aware and well-informed about them to avoid costly fines.

Corporations and commercial establishments are mandated by local or state authorities to maintain cleanliness and abide by a certain level of hygiene to be allowed to operate. If your business produces a lot of waste, then you may be required to take extra precautions and measures to maintain cleanliness in your area. In terms of hygiene, if you fail to comply, your business may be at risk of being fined, sued, or shut down, depending on the extent of your violations.

Preventive measures are always better than scrambling to find solutions later on. Renting out a dumpster for your business will help you avoid this hassle. Dumpster rental companies are professionals who are familiar with all the requirements and laws, and they can advise you on what or what not to do regarding waste management and disposal. Still, ensure you do your own research and ask your chosen dumpster rental company about their rules and regulations, too.

Creates a Safe Business Establishment

In addition to safety precautions taken in order to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene, dumpster rentals also provide safety from waste that can be hazardous to humans and the environment.

Primarily, safety is a concern for everyone, especially in businesses. If something happens to someone while they are within your establishment, then you may be held liable.

Having a dumpster rental unit on your premises not only maintains cleanliness but also contains toxic or hazardous wastes until they can be disposed of safely.

Offers Flexible Disposal Options

Admittedly, there are limits on the items you can throw in your dumpster. The good news is that with dumpster rentals, professionals from your chosen dumpster provider can offer you flexible disposal options.

Depending on the type of waste you are expecting to dispose of, your dumpster provider can give you a dumpster rental unit for those specific kinds of waste. In a way, it’s similar to segregating your recyclables. You will have different dumpsters for different purposes: one to contain furniture, one to dump construction or industrial waste, one for food waste, etc. For hazardous waste materials, discuss your options with your chosen dumpster company.

Some dumpster companies offer to do your recycling for you. They have connections directly with a recycling company or a dump site, where your recyclables will surely be reused or salvaged for a better purpose.

Aids in Being Eco-Friendly

Being eco-friendly appeals to most patrons of your business. Customers and clients like the fact that they are supporting an establishment that practices activities that prevent further harm to the environment. You may not think much of it, but your various interactions and activities within your business may have negative effects on the environment.

Dumpster rentals are generally an eco-friendly option for disposing of your trash. One reason is that dumpster rental companies schedule dumpster pick-ups collectively, thereby lessening the carbon footprint by avoiding several separate trips to the landfill, waste management facility, recycling company, or factory.

To reiterate the flexible disposal options section, dumpster companies can advise you on what waste can be recycled or reused. This is also a big contribution to helping the environment as some waste is salvaged and not immediately dumped at landfills and dumpsites, where most trash is left to decay when the material could have been reused.

Generates Efficiency

Dumpster rentals, and even dumpsters in general, serve as a place to store all your trash and different waste. Having one area to contain all your waste is advantageous as it generates efficiency—you have no need to keep going back and forth, gathering your trash or trash bins when trash collection day comes around.

That said, it also creates a more pleasing appearance. You have an organized system to dispose of your trash, avoiding pile-ups in your workplace that prohibit your staff, clients, or customers from doing their work or enjoying the ambiance of your business.

Provides Convenience without Complication

In a business, you will always want what’s convenient and uncomplicated. The availability of dumpster rentals is the answer to this.

If you have a dumpster rental unit on your premises, you no longer have to worry about where you will be disposing of your waste, or how you’ll be containing it in the first place. Simply ensure you avail of the right dumpster type and capacity for your business and follow the rules and regulations on what items can be disposed of in it.

Your chosen dumpster provider will be sure to do all the dirty work for you. You need only to dispose of your trash in the dumpster rental unit. After they haul the dumpster rental unit away, it is in their care and you should have no more problems.

Process of Acquiring a Dumpster and Dumpster Use

Now, the question is: what do you put in your dumpster rental? There are a few responsibilities that come with renting a dumpster unit. Again, make sure you abide by the laws or rules and regulations provided by your local area, state, and chosen dumpster rental company.

The following are some guidelines for you to successfully and efficiently manage your waste using dumpster rental units.

Contact the Dumpster Provider

Try to contact as many dumpster rental companies as you can, so that you have multiple to choose from.

Pick the company that aligns best with your business’s values, along with their quality of service.

Inquire about Rates and Packages

Don’t forget to inquire in detail about the packages they offer and at what price range they fit in. You want to find the best deal, yet the best service there is on the market.

Ask about Rules and Regulations

As discussed earlier, dumpster rental companies make your lives easier. They are familiar with and adhere to municipal, local, or state laws.

Don’t hesitate to ask and just listen to the information and advice they provide since they are trained and knowledgeable professionals when it comes to proper waste management and disposal.

H3. Prepare Your Dumpster Site

The dumpster site pertains to where your dumpster will be placed. Usually, this is just within the vicinity of your establishment.

Plan to place your dumpster rental unit in an area where you will be able to manage its cleanliness. Make sure it remains organized and that the placement is discreet so as not to be too noticeable to your customers or clients.

Coordinate with Your Dumpster Provider

Once you’ve chosen your dumpster rental provider, keep your phone lines open so that you can communicate about your schedules—dumpster delivery, pick up, drop-off, and other concerns.

You can also let them know if you wish to send some of your waste to recycling plants or straight to the landfill.

What to Put in Your Dumpster Rental

Take note of the rules and regulations provided by your chosen dumpster rental company—this will serve as a guideline to what you can or cannot put in your dumpster rental.

Also, do additional research about how to sort your waste in accordance with local or state laws.

For businesses, it goes without saying that there are numerous types of waste you may be disposing of. Here is a list of some kinds to give you ideas on what you should mention to your dumpster rental provider.

Kinds of Waste

1. General waste: trash your business may produce daily and is not recyclable such as lamination papers, contaminated packaging, wood, used tissues, trays and containers, and disposable utensils, cups, plates, and bowls. etc.

2. Food waste: leftovers from restaurants, food trucks, and other food establishments like chicken bones (or bones in general), fruit skins, and excess food that consumers cannot finish.

3. Dry mixed recycling: waste that can still be recycled as long as it is not contaminated. Examples are various types of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, etc.

4. Glass waste: broken bottles, plates, and drinking glasses.

5. Secure document shredding: shredded paper that contains important information from law offices and the like.

6. Hazardous waste: substances such as fuel, gasoline, solvents, chemical fertilizer, paint thinner, etc.

7. Clinical waste: materials that risk infection such as bandages, needles, syringes, bodily fluids, drugs, excretions, etc.

8. Washroom waste: paper towels, toilet rolls, sanitary products, and much more.


Waste management is important to any business, and dumpster rentals will help you manage your waste properly. Dumpster rental companies make sure you adhere to local or state laws so that's one thing off your mind.

Dumpster rentals create an overall good reputation for your company or store because they aid in keeping your establishment clean, safe, and efficient in a convenient and uncomplicated way. Using these tips will help prevent problems that may arise due to hygiene, sanitation, and hazardous waste issues that may cause you to pay fines, be sued, or worse, be forced to stop operating. With this peace of mind, you can focus on your business goals or business development and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

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