How to Get the Most out of Dumpster Rental


Trash disposal should be easy. You put your trash out, and someone picks it up, right?

That’s the idea.

But you’ll be surprised at how a lot of people get it wrong, especially on their first few times. This creates an experience that is not only inefficient but is also quite a hassle for both the consumer and the dumpster rental company.

If you really want to make the most out of your dumpster rental, there are some things that you should keep in mind to make the whole experience streamlined and easy.

After all, you’re already paying, so you might as well make sure that the whole process goes off without a hitch.

So here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your dumpster rental. 

1. Get the right dumpster size to begin with

The best planning in the world wouldn’t help you if you got the wrong dumpster size.

Get it too small, and you’ll have to deal with piles of trash by your dumpster (assuming your neighbors don’t complain). Get it too big, and you’ll have wasted money.

The first thing you have to do is visualize how much trash you’ll be getting rid of so you have the right idea of the dumpster’s size. You can also consult with dumpster rental companies in your area, so you get better advice.

On that note, you should definitely shop around for dumpster rental companies to see which ones have the best offer. Taking a little extra time, in the beginning, to plan out your actions might be a little more of a hassle, but it will pay off eventually. 

2. Make sure that the space for your dumpster is large and accessible

To make dumpster delivery and trash pickup efficient, you’ll want the dumpster itself to be placed in a convenient location.

This means that the space should be a little bigger than the dumpster itself so it can easily be moved in and out. Placing it on a narrow pavement can make it wobble, which will stress you out.

Also, make sure that the place itself is easily accessible by the dumpster rental company’s truck. This way, whenever they make a pass by your place, they can just pick up the trash while you are going on with your day. 

3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle

The best way to reduce your trash output is to reuse as many items as possible. If you can’t use a piece of furniture, you might find another use for its component materials. Wood, metal, and aluminum are flexible materials with plenty of uses.  

4. Break down your larger pieces of trash

Large pieces of trash like furniture will take up a lot of space by themselves. They also have a lot of space inside them that you can save if you take the time to break them down first.

Of course, it’s better to reuse furniture if you can, but if it’s really run its course and it’s off to the dumpsters for it, you should take the time to break it down first.

This lets you compress the pieces, saving space for other furniture.

However, be wary of small bits like nails and screws. You might find yourself accidentally wounding yourself or someone doing the loading and unloading, so be sure to account for them when you’re breaking down your furniture. 

5. Load larger items first and smaller items last

When you’re renting a large dumpster, you’ll get to a point where you’ll need to climb a ladder to load more trash into the dumpster because opening the walls isn’t an option anymore.

No one wants to carry a huge shelf while climbing a ladder, so make sure to load your biggest and heaviest items first so that you can make use of the dumpster’s walls. When you have to climb a ladder, you want to be carrying only small loads. 

6. Use every space available

Most dumpster rental companies will have rules and limits on how much you can load into the dumpster. One of the most common rules is that you cannot stack trash higher than the dumpster walls.

This means that you’ll want your trash as flat as possible, with even weight distribution. If you notice that one side of the dumpster is sticking out with the trash, you’ll want to redistribute and arrange the items inside.

Remember, you’re paying for every inch of space you get from the dumpster, so you might as well make sure that each bit is filled to maximize your money’s worth.

For especially large dumpsters where you’ll need to load trash through the side, take the time to wheel the trash all the way to the “back,” making sure that there are as few air pockets as possible.

Air pockets reduce the total amount of trash you can load. They can also make the items inside move around, which can be dangerous depending on what’s inside your dumpster.

Be strategic about your placement. Instead of just chucking stuff inside, thinking about how things are arranged inside the dumpster can help you pack more stuff.

Once you’ve finished loading the dumpster from the side, then you can consider loading it from the top. Too many people make the mistake of starting off by keeping the doors closed and just throwing everything inside from the top.

You’ll be surprised how much your dumpster can actually fit when you make sure that every bit of space is used!


Dumpster rental should be a simple, easy process. By following these tips, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, time, and money. When you’re on a budget, you always want to get as much value as possible out of everything you spend money on.

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