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Nine Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for 2021

Do you hate cleaning? A resounding “Yes!” might have just echoed through your entire house (that needs to be cleaned). While there are no shortcuts or magic ways to clean your house (unless you plan to hire cleaners), cleaning is easier than you think.

Your in-laws, friends, or relatives may be coming to your house soon, and all you feel is the stress from not knowing how to start or what to do to begin. Gathering your will to clean is the first cleaning tool you will need. The rest will be up to your hands (literally and figuratively).

1. Make a plan and set a schedule.

Set aside a time on your schedule to clean. When are your guests arriving? When are you free? Is there a long weekend in the near future? When will the garbage be collected? Overestimate the time you need to clean, especially if you plan for a big spring cleaning.

Rushed cleaning might create more of a pressure than time itself. Remember why you wanted to clean, and it will give you enough motivation to follow through your plan.

2. Ask for assistance from your roommates and family members.

The more hands involved, the faster the cleaning will be. Coordinate with your roommates or family members to speed up the cleaning process. Each of you can be in charge of your personal spaces to ensure privacy.

Often, simply letting others know that you need to work gets them involved. They may adjust their schedule to clean with you. Or, they may also be able to leave the house at the time of cleaning to let you do it efficiently.

3. Make sure you have all the tools you need.

Cleaning takes more time than money. It goes faster when all of the tools are ready for use. You don’t need to spend a fortune on tools and cleaning solutions.

Include gloves, broom and dustpan, brushes, duster, (microfiber) rags, and a vacuum for your all-around cleaning tools. Household items, such as baking soda and vinegar, clean most surfaces and eliminate odors. Large black bags help with your garbage disposal.

The only time you may spend more than usual is if you prefer having scents around your house. Department stores and supermarkets provide various choices at affordable prices. Check them out if you feel that it adds ambiance to your finished cleaning touches.

4. Start from top to bottom.

You must start cleaning from the ceiling before sweeping or decluttering around your house. Skipping this process leads to re-dusting and re-cleaning of surfaces.

You may choose to do this to your whole house first or you may choose to do it starting from one room first.

Use a duster or a vacuum to deal with dust. Close the windows and lay out black bags or any plastic directly below a dusty area for easier cleaning.

5. Use baking soda for most of your cleaning problems.

Baking soda is a cheap, affordable, all-around cleaning item. It deals with all the tricky stains and odors all around the household.

Baking soda removes stains from pans, countertops, kitchen sinks, inside the refrigerator, bathroom tiles, and mattresses. Mix it with water and wipe it on the dirty surface to clean stains. It works just as well as expensive cleaning solutions.

It can clean plastic containers with stubborn food stains. Wash it with baking soda and water similarly to how you scrub dishes to wash off the food stains.

Baking soda eliminates odors inside shoes and trash cans if you leave it in for about a day. Collect and dispose of the baking soda they day after cleanup.

6. Clean the most frequently used or touched areas.

People often touch door knobs, faucets, shower handles, kitchen sinks, and the toilet. Cleaning them becomes more beneficial when you expect guests. Clean surfaces stop the transmission of germs and prevent sickness.

Most things in your living room might need periodic cleaning, such as the windows, sofa, pillowcases, and curtains. Guests often interact with these. Clean your TV screen, remote control, and magazines too since these are often touched by household members and guests.

Dust off your keyboard and wipe off your mouse if you use them every day. Q-tips ease the process of cleaning their edges and gaps. You can include cleaning your monitor screen while you are at it.

7. Clean your phone literally and electronically.

Your phone usage may go from when you wake up until you go to bed. If you frequently use your phone, you may be touching it almost every hour. Wet wipes or tissues dampened with alcohol can get the job done.

Cleaning your phone extends to the software-level. Make a backup of all of your files and delete the unnecessary files you accumulated. Maybe you already showed your guests photos of your trip to The Maldives, so free up some space for the pictures of your next trip.

Cleaning your phone both from the outside surface and the inside software interface protects you from germs and extends the durability of your phone.

8. Deep clean your household items to make them seem brand new.

Steaming mattresses, linens, and bedding deeply cleans your bedroom. You can also do this to your sofa. Put the pillowcases inside the dryer for faster cleaning. Deep cleaning eliminates dust mites, germs, and dirt.

Most dishwashers and washing machines come with a deep cleaning function. You may put in some vinegar to de-clog its insides. Doing these extends the durability of your appliances.

Wash your pans with baking soda for deep cleaning to remove solids. It makes your pans look brand new and ready to use again.

9. Declutter your home.

Decide which items you can live without. It may be time to get rid of the pile of clothes you no longer use. You may not be reading as often anymore due to your busy schedule.

Start by disposing of items that you know you will not need anymore, such as receipts, expired goods, and books. Look at the contents of your cabinets and shelves to dispose of unnecessary or unused items.

Decluttering partners with organizing. Put similar items together inside a cabinet. If you have freed up a space from your decluttering, you can choose to sell them or donate them to charity.

Be aware of the times of garbage collection to make sure you also maintain a clean porch, front yard, and driveway. It gives a good finish after a long day of cleaning.

Cleaning takes planning and execution to accomplish. It is totally achievable, especially if you get assistance. If you are interested in acquiring dumpster rental services for a convenient day of cleaning, The Woodland Dumpster Rental offers residential services that could fit your cleaning needs. Visit their website to see how they have helped people maintain clean homes.

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