Questions to Ask While Getting a Junk Removal Quote


Junk or garbage removal from your yard is a heavy task that you may not be able to handle alone. You want to hire junk removal experts who can do the job with some expertise and ease.  

Since the process of junk removal involves welcoming strangers into your home, it's in your best interest to work with a reliable and reputable company that won't leave damage to your property.  

Finding the right junk removal company could be pretty overwhelming, for starters. You want to avoid rushing to hire junk removal companies that pop up on Google or Yelp.  

Always ensure to research the right company before you commit your money. 

That said, we have got you covered with pre-screening hacks for a junk removal company. We also list questions to ask while getting a junk removal quote. 

What you need to know about a junk removal screening process

A typical junk removal screening process involves a homeowner contacting a potential junk removal company. Regardless of the junk project size, initiating a phone call with a prospective junk removal company will allow you to ask vital questions regarding their services. This helps you have an early understanding of whether you are speaking with a company you can do business with.  

Questions to ask a potential junk removal company

A prior phone conversation is also essential in helping the junk removal company understand your project needs in detail so that they can help you better. So, what questions should you ask in the process of getting a junk removal quote? Keep reading.  

1. What type of junk items do you haul away?

It's important to know what type of garbage the junk company takes away. This is because not all haulers get rid of the same kind of junk.

●    While some haulers can remove hazardous waste, not all may have the right tools for the job.

●    There are junk companies that tow away vehicles while others don’t.

●    Some haulers conduct whole-house cleanouts.  

Note that most junk removal companies do not handle household hazardous waste.  

2. How do you price your junk removal services?

Ask the junk removal company for their price structure. Check how much they will charge you for disposing of only a few appliances. You also want to do some pricing research on junk companies and compare their costs.  

If the hauler company you are dealing with has a cheaper pricing structure, seek to know why. Cheap is not always the best solution. Some junk removal companies may price themselves quickly because of lacking vital equipment for heavy lifting. Be extra cautious when you come across junk removal companies with lower prices than the going rate.  

3. Do you do free estimates?

You also want to check whether your potential junk removal company does free estimates. It's easy to ask and get a junk removal quote via a phone call.  

However, a quote via a phone call isn't more accurate than a free in-person estimate. Free in-person estimates are more accurate because the staffer can visualize your items and see how best to pack them.  

4. Are you locally-owned?

Hiring a locally-owned junk service company is suitable for your local economy since they tend to charge less. However, being cheap could also be a tell-tell sign of a lack of experience. 

A locally-owned junk removal company is bound to give you excellent customer service since they have a reputation for building. They know they will be the losers if they risk their reputation in the area because of shoddy work.  

5. How long will it take to get the job done?

Fast service is always better than work that takes a long time to complete. Can the company you are about to deal with handle the job fast enough? Their time frame needs to be on point and should take no longer than 48 hours. 

6. Is your company licensed?

The other thing you want to check is whether the junk removal company is licensed. A licensed company will follow the due process of garbage collection and disposal. They will also ensure they don't damage your property during the waste removal process.  

A junk service company with no practicing license is an indicator of dishonest business practices which pose a risk to you and your property.  

7. Do you have insurance?

Ask your prospective junk service provider whether or not they have insurance. Reputable junk companies carry insurance with them for safety.  

It's also in your best interest to work with an insured company. If there is damage to your property during junk removal or injury inflicted on a person, it becomes easier to seek redress, and your safety comes first.  

8. Where would you leave my junk?

Haulers are required to dispose of garbage in a waste management facility. Any junk service company that gives you less is not worth spending money with.  

Homeowners have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in the past after amateur haulers dumped waste in the woods. Law enforcers could trace the homeowner using their personal information discovered in the trash. The result was a hefty fine on the homeowner, and that's the last thing you want happening. 

9. Will my items fit in one truckload?

You can also check with your prospective service provider the size of their truck and how much junk they can accommodate.  

It would be better if the truck could make one extensive trip instead of making multiple trips. If the latter is the case, ask them how much they will charge per trip. A company with large junk capabilities helps minimize fuel costs, thus fewer charges.  


Asking these questions while getting a junk removal quote is vital to ensure that you get the best junk removal services. Before you ask the questions, research reliable junk removal companies in your local area and compare prices to know what to expect.

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