Seven Decluttering Tips: How to Clean Each Room in Your Home


It’s tough to declutter when you have so much stuff. Some items you use every day, some were bought for a special occasion, and some were given by your closest friends.  

The first step to decluttering or cleaning is simply to get started. Once you get some momentum, you can go all the way. So you’re not overwhelmed, clean one room at a time. 

To help you with decluttering, try making a plan and organizing all your stuff in separate containers. Have bins for items that will be sold, donated, or fixed. The rest can be kept or put in the trash. 

After making a plan, you are now ready to go through each room. Here are seven tips for decluttering the different rooms in your home. 

1. Living room: Get rid of outdated entertainment items or devices

If you have already been using streaming services, chances are you can get rid of the other entertainment items in your living room.  

Toss away old DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, and their respective players and remote controls. Famous movies usually have digital copies or remastered versions available on the Internet anyway.  

New TV models come with their sound systems, so if you have no other use for your speakers, you can toss them out. You would be surprised with the space they take up in your living room. 

Check the books, magazines, and newspapers you compile for guests to read. Most of them may be outdated and are only collecting dust. Talking to your guests and spending time with them would be a cheaper and friendlier alternative for you. 

2. Living room: Replace old and torn pillowcases or pillows

Stains, dust, and holes on your pillowcases signify that it is time to replace them. Sometimes you can still mend them by washing or sewing. Most of the time, however, it takes less effort to toss out the old pillowcases and buy new ones.  

If your pillows slump or fail to keep their shape to complement your sofa, then it is time to buy new ones. Fluffy and soft cushions are best for making guests feel comfortable in your home. 

3. Kitchen: Clear your fridge door 

You can start with the exterior of your refrigerator. Remove all receipts, reminders, or plans that you attached to your refrigerator door. You may have compiled them through different seasons and have used your refrigerator as the drafting board for your daily routines.  

Moving forward, it would be a good idea to keep one to two attachments on your refrigerator door to keep it clean. 

4. Kitchen: Clean the inside of your fridge

Start by emptying the whole fridge. Check the expiry date of all bottles and fresh foods. Expired items and those barely touched must go to the trash bin.  

You can reorganize the interior by grouping items by size or frequency of use. You can group condiments in one tray and beverages in another. Grouping things will help you see which ones you usually use and which ones you should buy less often to prevent food waste. 

You can also take this chance to defrost your whole refrigerator before putting all the items back. This way, you clean your fridge and also save energy by making sure your fridge stays in top condition. Of course, make sure you wipe stained surfaces to prevent odors or germs from getting into your stored food. 

5. Bedroom: Screen your closet and donate old clothes

Take out all your clothes from your closet and lay them out on your bed. Most people have more clothes than they need. This can be your chance to donate most of them, especially if you have barely used your dresses or shirts throughout the year.  

You also most likely have favorite sweaters or jackets. These can be folded and re-stored in your closet. Decide what to keep, then donate or sell the ones you never use. Remove the ones that do not fit you or your fashion taste anymore.  

The same principle applies to your footwear. With changing seasons, you might only be using one pair of boots during winter, even if you have three pairs.  

6. Bedroom: Store all your items with sentimental value in one place

As you comb through the items in your bedroom, you will notice that you keep some things because of their sentimental value and other things because they have been there for a long time.  

Separate the two kinds of items, and keep only those you value.  

It may be hard to discard some items in your room because they have been there for a long time. However, this is the time to examine them closely because not every object holds a sentimental value. These items might be empty planners from last year, a bottle of sunblock from some canceled summer plans, or some books you never got to read.  

7. Bathroom/Toilet: Put away things not related to the bathroom

It only takes one morning rush to make a mess in your bathroom. You may misplace skincare products, cosmetics, and toothbrushes as you use them. Eventually, you have a whole mess in your bathroom when it is time to clean.  

Declutter your bathroom by reducing the number of things you put in it. For instance, cleaning products seem to belong in a bathroom. But since you don’t use them every day, it is better to store them near the laundry room or storage room. 

The same goes for your cosmetics and hair accessories. You may only be keeping them in your bathroom because of the convenience of the mirror. Invest in a large mirror in your bedroom where you can do your makeup and use other cosmetic products. This way, you keep your cabinets cleaner and your bathroom sink less cluttered. 


It could be challenging to start cleaning your home, so either plan ahead of time or apply a system for organizing each area for faster results.  

The general principle is to toss away the things you no longer need, such as outdated books, magazines, or devices. Broken items must be fixed or replaced. Items rarely or never used--like clothes and footwear--can be donated or sold. 

Cleaning and organizing your rooms today will help you in future maintenance and cleaning. You will know how to clean more efficiently the next time. Decluttering or regular cleaning is beneficial because both the process and outcome of cleaning helps you live a better life at home.

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