Seven Garage Cleanout Tips


Garages are huge parts of houses. With plenty of stuff being carried into and out of the garage regularly, they eventually accumulate a lot of clutter.

Considering the size of an average garage, cleaning it out can take a while. That’s precious time you could be spending on your hobbies or with your family. That’s why it’s crucial to be efficient when doing a garage cleanout, so you waste as little time as possible.

If you are interested in making your garage cleanout more efficient, here are seven garage cleanout tips for you. 

1. Know your cleanout goal

A garage can be used for multiple things, not just for car storage. It could be a workshop, a general storage space, or a place for doing hobbies. Before you bring out the hose and the broom, know the purpose behind your cleanup.

This way, you have a general plan in mind so that you’re not all over the place. Any kind of organized cleanup is purposeful and planned, so know your needs before anything else. 

2. Be consistent with your schedule

Some people prefer to clean out their garages all at once, taking a whole day off. Other people prefer to clean the garage bit by bit each day to minimize the disruption to their everyday lives.

Both of these are perfectly valid approaches, but the most important thing is to be consistent. Consistency in your schedule and approach makes you use your time more efficiently, leading to a better cleanout experience.

If you decide to clean it all out in one day, make sure to block your whole day off so you don’t get interrupted by unexpected schedules. There’s nothing more frustrating than a one-day cleanout taking two to three days. 

3. Be honest about whether you still need particular things

Throughout your cleanout, you’ll come across many things that you might not have seen for months. Not all of them will need to stay in the garage after the cleanout.

Some of these can be sold, donated, or even traded for other things that you can use more.

Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t used something or even needed to look for it for a long time, then maybe you don’t really need it.

The purpose of a cleanout is to reduce the amount of clutter in your garage. If you just hold on to everything that you see, it wouldn’t really be a cleanout. You’d just be reorganizing your cluttered garage. 

4. Declutter the ground first

The first things you need to take care of are all the boxes, tools, and other objects lying on the ground. Take them all out of the garage or place them on a shelf to get them off the ground. This includes your car, of course.

It’s not yet the time to decide if you’re going to keep or dispose of these things. The purpose of this tip is to clear the ground so you can better clean every nook and cranny of your garage.

Having boxes and other equipment on the floor will make your cleanup job more difficult. Not only will you find it hard to clean up, but you’ll also find it hard to move around.

Give yourself the freedom of space by removing everything on the floor.

While you’re at it, make sure to air out your garage, opening doors as much as you can to give yourself a lot of breathing room. 

5. Clean all the surfaces, including the garage door

Now that everything’s out of the way, it’s time to get to the actual cleaning.

First, you’ll want to sweep the floor to get rid of large dust particles that have built up over the last few months. Then, sweep the ceiling to get rid of dust and cobwebs.

For the walls, scrubbing is a good idea. Walls tend to get discolored over time, especially if they’ve been exposed to the fumes from your car and other household equipment.

If you don’t have a specialized product, you can mix bleach and water in equal parts and scrub the walls with the solution. Try to wait at least 30 minutes before rinsing if your wall has gotten moldy. You can also use this solution on your tables.

Finally, it’s time to scrub the ground. A mixture of hot water and laundry detergent is suitable to remove tough stains here. 

6. Plan where you will place things after the cleanout

So now your garage is empty (assuming you cleared it out first before cleaning), and it’s time to put things back.

Don’t just put things back in haphazardly. Remember what we said about knowing why you’re cleaning your garage? Know what purpose you want your garage to serve so you can optimize the placement of your stuff.

Make sure to be functional about this as well. For example, if you have garbage bins, you’ll want them close to the door leading to the house, so it’s easy to throw stuff in.

If you plan to use your garage to store different items, you might also want to divide your garage into zones. This makes them easier to find and lets you clean only parts of your garage in the future.

It will be up to you to define those zones. You could distinguish them by the objects’ colors, their purpose, or the frequency of use. Regardless of which system you choose, it’s essential to stay consistent, so everyone knows where to look. 

7. Add overhead storage accessories

Overhead storage accessories like racks and shelves can make your garage look cleaner. Instead of having everything on the floors or in your garage’s corners, you can put your less frequently used things up above so they don’t make too much clutter.

High places are also an excellent way to child proof hazardous items like power drills and paint.


Most people think that garage cleanouts take a lot of time, but they don’t all have to. As long as you follow our tips ,not only will you have a more efficient garage cleanout, you’ll also have a better-looking and better-maintained garage once you put everything back in.

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