Seven Places Where You Can Dispose Hazardous Waste in The Houston Area


Waste disposal services and facilities differ in both the jobs they perform and the fees they charge. Some only dispose of certain materials, while others function as "one-stop" shops. Some render extra cleaning services; others offer delivery and pick-up options at your convenience. Some dispose of the waste for free; others charge service fees. 

Waste disposal is thus no longer much of a problem because of the many services rendered by both government and private entities. However, the matter gains urgency and concern when the waste at hand is hazardous.  

Hazardous wastes threaten health and the environment. They are thus segregated from non-hazardous wastes and disposed of separately. If you are in the Houston area and your business or home project involves using hazardous materials, it pays to know how and where to dispose of the waste that comes from using them.  

Here are seven hazardous waste disposal services and facilities in Houston you can contact. 

1. Solid Waste Management Department

The City of Houston endorses its Solid Waste Management Department for Houston residents. One of the department's services is managing Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). Household products that contain hazardous content include paints, varnishes, pesticides, car products, and other cleaning agents.  

Specifically, the Solid Waste Management Department provides HHW Collection and Recycling Services with the objective of discouraging residents from disposing of waste chemicals with other trash or from flushing them down the drain.  

HHW Collection and Recycling Services requires homeowners to personally drop off their hazardous waste at different waste centers, depending on the material. For example, antifreeze and paint are dropped off at the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center, while mercury and battery waste are brought to any Environmental Service Center. The Environmental Service Centers and the Neighborhood Depository/Recycling Centers are drop-off centers for hazardous materials.  

Go to Westpark Consumer Recycling Center and Environmental Service Center to know which one to head to so you can dispose of a specific hazardous waste material. 

Unfortunately for business owners, this service is exclusively for the use of residents.  

2. HWH Environmental

If you have a business that potentially or regularly produces hazardous waste materials, HWH Environmental might be the perfect waste service for you. 

HWH Environmental has been offering waste disposal services for over 25 years. It is a licensed and insured company that handles the disposal of different types of consumer wastes.  

HWH Environmental's customer service is personally handled by its agents who will immediately process any disposal service you might need. It promises to respond within just a week to your request for waste removal, thus reducing the length of time that the material poses a risk to health and the environment at your location. 

All company personnel – drivers, technicians, and customer support employees – are trained in all the environmental and waste regulations needed to be followed in Houston. These regulations include those from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Department of Transportation. 

HWH Environmental service areas are spread across the United States. In Texas, it offers services in the San Antonio and Houston areas.  

The services offered by HWH Environmental include removal, transport, and disposal of waste. That is certainly an advantage for people who prefer to have their waste picked up rather than dropping it off at a waste center. 

The company mainly offers disposal services for hazardous materials. Its website lists the materials they can collect from you. Customers testify they have saved more than 20% of their budget by partnering with HWH Environmental.  

Customers in the Houston Area can contact (866) 261-4207 or email HWH Environmental through the website's contact webpage to avail of the HWH Environmental services. 

3. Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc.

Clean Management Environmental Group, Inc. has been offering waste disposal services for thirty years, since 1992. Its services today extend across the United States. 

The company presents itself as a "one-stop shop" of disposal services that cover most types of hazardous wastes. You will thus no longer need to contact separate waste disposal services for the different types of wastes you would like to get rid of.  

The advantage of availing of Clean Management's services is that the company does not require you to segregate your waste. When you contact them, you will be asked about the products you wish to dispose of. The company will then send someone over to segregate them for you. 

You can take advantage of Clean Management's services wherever you are in the United States. It promises to come right to your door once you successfully establish contact with the company. Clean Management also promises to give a quote within a day. According to its website, many customers like its speedy and personalized service.  

Service available from Clean Management requires no long-term contract. Houston businesses and residents need not worry about extended rates. Neither are they compelled to continue using Clean Management services if they are not satisfied. 

Clean Management services extend to various sectors, such as airlines, aggregate, construction, education, engineering, and more. Its website lists more than 30 cleaning and disposal services available for any waste disposal problem. 

Although the pricing for each service is not stated, the company has been offering competitive rates to match the needs of its clients.  

4. Earth911

Earth911 offers a sustainable approach to disposing of hazardous waste: recycling. 

The company started as a recycling database in Arizona in the 1990s. Even before the Internet revolutionized the mainstream media, Earth911 had already started its mission to create sustainable alternatives for residents across the United States.  

Today, the company's website is visited and used to locate various recycling locations. With over 100 types of specific wastes that can be segregated, you are guaranteed to dispose of your hazardous waste safely.  

The website's database is provided for free and provides a search function to help you locate Earth911 recycling bins. To start, know the contents of the products you plan to dispose of. If you are unfamiliar with the contents of your hazardous waste, you may need to research it first. Once you have segregated and safely handled your waste, you can use the Earth911 database to pinpoint the recycling bins they have spread across Houston. Enter the zip code that corresponds to your area. You should then see the recycling bins near you.  

Navigating the Earth911 website can be somewhat overwhelming for a first-timer. But Earth911 is perfect for Houston residents interested in building "green" or "eco-friendly" habits as it helps create awareness of the contents of various products and guides in their segregation and disposal for the sake of environmental safety. 

5. County Collection Facilities

Aside from the Solid Waste Management Department available to the city of Houston, you may be lucky to have a county collection facility near you.  

With the help of a county collection facility, residents in a specific county can minimize the need to avail of special waste disposal services that may cost them a fortune. Collection facilities in counties are made to handle hazardous wastes within small communities. These county facilities come with legal environmental permits and consultants that prioritize helping residents get rid of their waste to maintain a clean and green county. You can use these services even if you are not completely knowledgeable of the details of environmental regulations.  

One example of a county collection facility is the Harris County Engineering Department in Houston which offers hazardous waste disposal services. Residents within Harris County can avail of this free service by appointment, which can be booked on the website. 

The Harris County Hazardous Waste Facility is also open to those living in the city of West University Place, near Houston. The service is free for residents. Harris County's collection facility further separates the hazardous waste handled for residents and those for businesses or organizations.  

Businesses, schools, and other organizations may need to check if their county facilities accept hazardous waste from organizations.  

6. Hazardous Waste Experts

Hazardous Waste Experts provides technological and holistic solutions to waste disposal. It offers cleaning services and employee training as well as emergency responses related to hazardous materials. Although its services are available across the United States, Houston businesses and organizations are some of the main clients of Hazardous Waste Experts.  

Hazardous Waste Experts serves as another one-stop shop for everything related to the disposal of hazardous materials. The services offered for organizations are hazardous waste disposal, recycling, transportation, and training. Emergency spill services are also available for situations that call for immediate disposal of harmful chemicals.  

When handling waste disposal, the Hazardous Waste Experts also take care of the internal auditing, profiling, and minimization of the wastes. Hence, organizations can invest more attention in their specific tasks without worrying about their waste. 

When the accumulated waste of an organization reaches 55 gallons, Hazardous Waste Experts ensure collection of the wastes within three days to prevent unsanitary practices and health risks. 

The company ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly means of hazardous waste disposal using unique liquid solutions. Waste disposal is thus quick and safe.  

If an organization needs training, they can avail of the two to three year training cycle program, which provides personnel training on communication, emergency response, and prevention related to handling hazardous materials. 

Hazardous Waste Experts endorses a low-cost, fast, and professional handling of hazardous waste disposal. It has helped businesses, organizations, and government agencies dispose of their waste while complying with organizations' environmental laws and regulations.

Interested customers can call (888) 681-8923 or acquire a free quote by inquiring through the website.  

7. Clean Earth

Clean Earth claims to be one of the most trusted leaders in waste management services in the United States. In 2020 alone, they recycled 283,000 tons of hazardous waste and 4,000,000 tons of waste. 

The services of Clean Earth are geared towards businesses across different industries in the United States. Specifically, in the Houston area, they have one waste disposal facility capable of handling both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.  

If your business runs across various states, Clean Earth might be a good choice for you. The company holds the largest treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDF) in the country.  

Clean Earth's approach involves preventing hazardous chemicals from flowing through clean water streams and landfills. To accomplish this always keeping environmental issues in mind – Clean Earth pays due diligence to the whole product line of a client's organization to ensure safe hazardous waste disposal.  

You may check their website to know how to get in touch with Clean Earth. They provide different contact numbers for different inquiries.   

You may also fill out their online form to inquire about how they can personally help you with managing different types of waste. 


Whether you are a resident or a business owner looking for waste disposal services around Houston, there are some good options to choose from.  

It's possible, of course, that one facility may not be able to provide all the services you need or want for hazardous waste disposal. For this reason, it's best to check first by contacting more than one company and making a comparison of their services. 

Residents can take advantage of affordable services from counties and the local government of Houston. This service often comes with minimal fees, but it mostly requires dropping off wastes at a disposal center. 

Businesses and organizations are better off availing of services from private disposal companies. The biggest advantage of doing this is that you can be sure that, through the disposal company, you will be complying with environmental policies and not getting in trouble with the law. 

Hazardous waste disposal can be tedious, but you will save money and time while taking care of the environment with proper knowledge.

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