Ten Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Junk Removal Company


If you think hiring a junk removal company is easy, well, you may be right. However, sometimes, we make simple mistakes that could have reduced the efficiency of the task.

Have you done this before?

So, what was it like? Did the company perform as you expected them to? Were there some nitty-gritty tasks that you wished were tackled? You may have made a mistake in assessing your options, and you just want to see how you stack up against other clients. Or, it is also possible that you are researching what you can avoid.

To let you see whether your mistakes are run-of-the-mill ones, here is a list of the common mistakes to avoid when hiring a junk removal company.  

1. Not doing your research well

As with any project, you need to do some research. It would help if you found out what you are dealing with.

When you conduct research, you need to find out the price charged by the company. After all, you may be working around a budget. However, it will still be best to find someone you personally know to vouch for the company. Read customer reviews about them. Be careful, however. Some of the online reviews may be paid or solicited by the company. 

2. Burning your trash

Sure, you may be tempted to take care of your trash yourself. It is commendable to dabble with DIY from time to time. However, harming the environment and possibly causing fires should not be in your repertoire.

If you find a company that disposes of trash this way, steer clear. You don’t want to have someone from the Medieval ages work for you.

Again, let it be clear that no trash burning should be involved at any time. It is always a risk and can harm the environment, too. Not to mention you may also annoy your neighbors.  

3. Choosing not to rent a dumpster

Having a dumpster nearby makes it easy to dispose of junk. So, what if you want to DIY? Do it the right way. Make sure you have somewhere to throw your trash into.

Renting a dumpster will also prove to be helpful when you are doing some construction work on your property.

Organizing trash and debris in one place can save both you and the junk removal company some time. It may also cost less in the end for you.

So, yes, whether you go DIY or hire a junk removal company, a dumpster nearby can only be a plus. 

4. Using a disposal company that is far away

While a company may seem to present a chance to save money, the distance can still add up financially.

You may end up paying for the fuel, which shouldn't be surprising. So, when pitting one company against another, calculate the total cost.  

5. Selecting a company that is not upfront with costs

You should not choose a company that is not clear with what you have to pay in the end. If it is wishy-washy about its prices, you have either hired an inexperienced contractor or a dishonest one.

As with any service, go with one that will be happy to give you a breakdown of your expenses.  

6. Opting for a junk removal service that does not support recycling

This mistake may show you that a company is not as responsible as it may want you to think it is. Ask questions on their stance regarding recycling. What do they think about it? What practices do they have that support environmental preservation?

If you have a pro-recycling option, why not go for that one? It may be a small move, you may think, but it can make a difference. Again, it is not just about how it affects you, but also how it affects everyone in the long run. You are sending a message for the others to follow.  

7. Not ensuring a proper disposal processes

You should find out if the company has great practices during your research. How do they dispose of their trash? Where do they go?

While you may be tempted to think that is no longer your problem, you may want to work with a responsible disposal service. You should be aware of the types of companies you hire. You may be encouraging irresponsible and harmful practices.  

8. Neglecting to make sure your company separates out trash

An environmentally-responsible company will also make sure they separate various types of trash.

A company that does not do that is not concerned about what it is doing to the environment–and possibly does not know what they are doing. So, you may want to steer clear. It is not the type of company you may want to work with.  

9. Picking a company that does not either have insurance or offer it

The point here concerns practicality and responsibility. You need a company that will ensure it takes care of both you and itself. Operating a business without insurance is irresponsible at best.

Do not be ashamed about asking a company about its insurance policies. While a junk removal company offers straightforward service, it also covers all grounds. What happens when things go wrong? Do they have a backup?  

10. Not communicating well

Communication is key to getting what you want and need from a company. If the company simply refuses to communicate or ignores your messages, something is wrong.

You will also get a feel for it from the very start. If a company does not like discussing its services and operations, you may have to wonder why that is the case. A junk removal service should not hesitate to discuss its operations. If it is meant to serve its customers, it should be willing to reach out and talk about the details and how it can better do its job.  


You may make all kinds of mistakes when choosing a junk removal company. Choosing a dodgy one that does not serve you as expected maybe due to two or more points discussed above.

If you also make a mistake with your choices, you may end up with a lot to pay for. Sometimes, you may even pay for more and still have a lot to do. Avoiding the top ten most common mistakes in hiring a junk removal company may save you from some heartache.

Remember, it will all begin with some good research.

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